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For many people, boating is more than recreation—it's an important part of who and what they are. A taut sail and a following sea, the arc of spray from a cutting skier, the satisfaction of a day on the water—those are the special feelings. We understand that, which is why we offer this special package of watercraft insurance policies.

Although many insurance companies won't insure boats alone, we provide coverage for a range of pleasure boats—sail and power, inboard or outboard. Whether you insure one boat or several you get protection and outstanding claim service from Turco Insurance Agency services.

We cover machinery, unattached equipment, sails and spars (even when racing), as well as towing—usually as part of the basic policy. Coverage for your boat trailer can be included, with a separate deductible. Your boat is still covered even when it's hauled out.

We also work with you to keep the cost of your premiums down and ensure that the time you spend on the water is as safe as possible. We offer XX percent discounts for U.S. Coast Guard or USPS safety courses, and up to XX percent credit for diesel power.


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